• Through our children’s experiences, we will create a future for the region.
  • こどもたちの笑顔が見たい

Takayama Co., Ltd. will contribute to the regional development of Sendai through comprehensive support of eating and drinking establishments.

Business Description


We provide high-quality binchotan charcoal (oga charcoal) from Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Takayama's binshotan charcoal
  • binchotan charcoal (oga charcoal)
  • Grill
  • Detergents/Sanitary items
  • Kitchen consumables
  • Other materials for business use
  • Chopsticks and wrappers
  • Items related to charcoals

We would like to support eating and drinking establishments across the country and everyday life of customers through various materials, including charcoal needed for cooking, camping, and the operation of eating and drinking establishments.

About Us

  • Education
  • Nature
  • Dietary education

We aim to contribute to the community and environment through our business related to eating and drinking, as well as charcoal.

Management of camping business centering on Sendai city.

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